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Manufacturing and Fabrication

In a typical factory environment attach the TS2 Wall Bracket to the panel wall at the power point. Run your leads out over open floor on the TS1 Lead Stand and the use your TS3 Welder Bracket to safely elevate your leads at the welder. Using this system will reduce the risk of damage from hot metal and sparks and add substantial life to your welding equipment.


Use your TS1 Lead Stand to elevate your leads over excavations and open ground. Remove the risks of damage to leads associated with mud, water, rock and debris.


Attach your TS7 Scaffold Bracket to the scaffold standard above head height. Leads can be run vertically up to the first TS7 Scaffold Bracket and then horizontally along walkways and platforms. The result will be clear walkways and a safe work area.

Tilt Up Panels

Attach your TS2 Wall Bracket with M8 x 50mm Dyna bolts to the panel. This positioning will maintain your leads safely under and away from panel props. The same process can be used to mount the TS2 Wall Bracket beside panel mounted power points.


Using electrical leads on or around reinforcing mesh and deformed bar is a recipe for disaster!! Elevate your leads on the TS1 Lead Stand throughout the excavation, boxing up or pouring your concrete.

Timber Framing

Screw your TS5 Lead Hook directly to timber stud framing with 2 x 35mm Hex screws. Over - Under - Over with your lead and you are safely hooked.


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