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Eric Leech Constructions Pty Ltd have been using the TRi-SAFE Electrical Lead Stand and TRi-SAFE Lead Hooks for over seven years. Eric Leech Constructions has over 35 years experience in a wide range of commercial, industrial and institutional building projects and understands the need to keep their employees and subcontractors safe on site...... more


Trak Constructions is a highly regarded Geelong based builder. Trak have been using TRi-SAFE Electrical Lead Stands and Lead Hooks for five years in their residential, commercial and development projects...... more


To ensure the safety of their countless festival patrons, Queenscliff Music Festival have used the TRi-SAFE Electrical Lead Stands...... more


Chilwell Primary School love how easy the TRi-SAFE Electrical Lead Stands are to use for their Food Fair...... more


Diversitat have used the TRi-SAFE Electrical Lead Stands for their annual Multicultural Festival - Pako Fest, which is visited by up to 100,000 people, ensuring electrical leads are not a safety hazard...... more

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